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A Message for Parents About the Influence on Your Kids
This podcast was not planned. However, I had to share it because of an experience that I had with a young gentleman in the gym, and learning how he was exposed to personal development but still trying to find his journey, led me into making this message to you, parents. Have you realized the power of the AHA moment where you could be teaching your children all the right things and it’s not until they connect the dots with someone else that it finally clicked? Or have you been maybe preaching to them about certain things you want them to do but they haven’t been seeing you practice it?

message for parents

In this episode, you will learn:

• The gentleman at the gym
• Three questions to ask yourself before going to bed
• The compounding pounding effect
• How to continuously influencing your children positively
• Allowing your children the ability to choose
• Practice, don’t preach
• How my dad has influenced me.
• Don’t underestimate the AHA moments that you will never experience or witness.
The story of my AHA moment and how my life completely changed.
Your words and actions matter

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