Jake Havron


3 Primary Areas Jake

Leads With Influence

Whether it’s speaking, holding interviews, or mentoring entrepreneurs,
Jake always comes from a place of servitude to others.

Keynote Speaking

When your company or event has an unforgettable experience through Jake’s Blueprint to Human Influence keynote talks and workshops.

High-Caliber Interviews

Listen into engaging interviews that Jake conducts with some of the most influential leaders, business executives, professional athletes, and experts who embody The Influence Effect.

Business Mentorship

Receive strategic mentorship from Jake and his beloved, Emily Ford, on your personal branding, speaking skills, and sales mastery in the truly one-of-a-kind ITfactor Mentorship Program.

Meet Jake Havron

Once A Nurse To Now Transformational
Speaker & Business Strategist

From being a nurse just over 5 years ago to now a widely accredited transformational speaker and business strategist, Jake is creating raving fans of the people and audiences he works with. Organizations such as GoBundance, 787 Coffee Co., 180 Elevate Nonprofit, MentorBox, and Real Estate team doing $300M – $1.6B in annual revenue have brought Jake in to help their people become more influential in sales and leadership.

Alongside him is his beloved, Emily Ford, who is also a force for GOOD with her speaking career for 10+ years. Both of them have lead by example in their lives together through their relationship, speaking on stages back-to-back, co-leading the ITfactor Mentorship Program, each hosting their own show {The Influence Effect & The ITfactor Show}, and most importantly to them, is living a life in alignment with God and His truth.

“The experience with Jake was amazing. He slowed the process down enough and broke it down so we had practical and tactical things that we could go home and implement right away…Now we basically have a cheat sheet we can go back to like when we get stuck we can go to it and see how to deal with this objection or how do I put this into practice.”

Daniel D.

Leader of Top 5 Latino Real Estate Team in America Doing $226M in 2022

“I’m very particular with where I spend my time being busy running multiple businesses but experiencing Jake’s workshop and wisdom is worth it no question. Not only do I feel like I’m becoming more influential but it’s now something I bring my team to experience so they can become their best selves.”

Dr. Rupam K.

Dentist / Entrepreneur / Philanthropist

“I really liked how Jake engaged everyone so well. It was a constant back and forth of teaching, taking the time for us to implement it, and then have us reflect it back…it was a process where we could actually implement versus absorbing it all and nothing actually happens.”

Aaron W.

Leader of Real Estate Team Doing $125M in 2022