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Markus Kaulius – $0 to $150 mil Business, 2020 Pivot, Prayer in Work, ENERGY!!
Markus Kaulius is the founder and CEO of Magnum Nutraceuticals, a multi-award-winning sports nutrition brand. He started his business in his early twenties, selling supplements from his own bedroom, which quickly turned into 3 retail stores, and ultimately led to starting his own brand. Over 16 years later, Magnum is an award-winning global supplements brand, available in 70 countries and represented by hundreds of top athletes and trainers around the world.

Markus Kaulius

In this episode, you will learn:

• How Markus built his company from $0 to $150 Million.
• How Markus successfully pivoted and grew his business during the pandemic.
• The mindset of a leader.
• How changing your story can change your life
• The value of fully immersing yourself in live events
• The reason why you are a million times capable than what you think
• The One Time Principle
• Practical tips to empower your team
• Interview tips to ensure culture fit
• How Markus incorporates his faith into his business
• The power of prayer

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