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The Reason Why Affirmations are FAILING You (& what to do instead)
Have your affirmations been working for you? Are they helping you achieve the goals you've set for yourself? Almost anyone can do affirmations, but that doesn't mean that they're effective. Because affirmations only work on the things you currently have or are experiencing. I’d say if you want something bigger in your life, affirmations are just level one of what I would consider three levels of what you can do with these emotions and words that you’re bringing into your life. In this episode, we go into why certain affirmations might be failing you and how to re-word your current affirmations so that they're going to be far more powerful.


In this episode, you will learn:

• Affirmations and the three levels of emotions
• How affirmations work
• How positive affirmations can help you not only in your personal life but also in your business
• The power of words
• The difference between an affirmation and a declaration
• Changing I AM to I CHOOSE
• How to use declarations to improve your personal life and achieve peak performance in your business.
• Why incantations are so powerful
Why it’s important to say your incantations verbally.
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