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How to Better Forgive Others and Create a Love-able Life with Rob Mack
As a Celebrity Happiness Coach and over 20 years running a private practice, Rob drops valuable advice throughout this entire interview that can be implemented right away to live a more happy, prosperous, and love-able life. We dive into some practical ways to tap into your innate ability to love unconditionally, attract amazing opportunities, and manifest positive changes in your life.

Rob Mack

In this episode, you will learn:

• Rob’s experience of struggling with depression as a young adult and how he overcame it.
• Parents, like everybody else, are doing the best they can – why we need to forgive our parents for their shortcomings and love them even more
• The unexpected beauty of pain and suffering
• Byron Katie’s 4 Questions for Stressful Thoughts
• Why we need to stop blaming and start accepting
• The power of loving and serving others without expecting anything in return
• Aloneness vs Loneliness
• Happiness shared is happiness multiplied
• What it means to be Love-ABLE
• How to experience more love, peace, and abundance in your life no matter how busy you are
• Love from the Inside Out

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