The Strategic Life Podcast

Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Price-to-Value Hesitancy (Strategic Tips & Mindset Beliefs)
Impostor syndrome strikes even the most successful entrepreneurs. Don't let it hold you back from success! I’ve been there too, and to be honest it can be crippling at times. It also can make you either not even start because you feel like “Hey maybe I’m not good enough” or it can make you charge too little for your work. So if you want to overcome those feelings of being an imposter and avoid pricing yourself out of business reach, keep listening. You are already more of a Rockstar than you imagine. This will help make you unstoppable!

In this episode, you will learn:

• Why it’s important to know what you’re worth and align that with your outcome
• Getting crystal clarity on the value that you provide
• The value that a person gets is always worth more than what you charge.
• Digging deeper into the dream outcome.
• Understanding the value of tangible and intangible outcomes
• Giving people massive value
• Asking better questions to understand what the real value is.
• Overcoming limiting beliefs
• Integrity is power

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