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3 REAL and RAW Tips for Keeping Your Significant Other on Their Toes
Getting pretty personal with you on this one. Now I am not in no way a relationship expert however I have been intentional with learning from couples who are majorly successful and have an incredible relationship after 25 learning from people sharing WHY their relationship didn't work, and from those all in between. Plus diving into many relationship teachings from authors such as David Deida, Alison Armstrong, and Dr. John Gray. So with the pursuit of compressing decades into days alongside being with my beautiful significant other for 2.5 years here, I felt called to share this insight. I share 3 real and raw tips for keeping your significant other on their toes. It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship or whether you're just starting out on this journey. These 3 tips have been ways that keep my relationship passionate and will be something you can start doing immediately.

In this episode, you will learn:

• The law of familiarity and complacency.
• Tips to keep your relationship fresh and exciting by maintaining a sense of mystery
• A romantic birthday surprise
• What the feminine energy needs
• Why you need to constantly market yourself to your significant other
• The power of being proud and speaking empathetically about your partner
• Showcasing the things you love about your woman.
• Why your mission and purpose should always come first

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