Change Is Inevitable. Progress Is A Choice.

Leading With Influence

From being a nurse just over 5 years ago to now a widely accredited transformational speaker and business strategist, Jake is creating raving fans of the people and audiences he works with. Organizations such as GoBundance, 787 Coffee Co., 180 Elevate Nonprofit, MentorBox, and Real Estate team doing $300M – $1.6B in annual revenue have brought Jake in to help their people become more influential in sales and leadership.

Alongside him is his beloved, Emily Ford, who is also a force for GOOD with her speaking career for 10+ years. Both of them have lead by example in their lives together through their relationship, speaking on stages back-to-back, co-leading the ITfactor Mentorship Program, each hosting their own show {The Influence Effect & The ITfactor Show}, and most importantly to them, is living a life in alignment with God and His truth.

Jake knows they are on this Earth for a very significant purpose and it’s helping to end mediocrity living that people are experiencing. He knows that there is nothing more unfulfilling than living a life where either you have been conditioned to dim your light in this world or don’t even know how bright your light can shine. That’s what leading with influence is all about. Influencing others to be a brighter light in the world that can be seen on a hilltop and live an extraordinary life on your terms.

“Effective influence is not about
what you say, but about what others hear.”

– Jake Havron

Who is Jake Havron?

Jake is a transformational speaker. A business strategist. A heart-centered leader. An entrepreneur. An effective interviewer. A life partner to Emily Ford. And Most importantly, a God-fearing man.

Twin Forces For GOOD

There was an era before Feb 7, 2020 where Jake never knew he would meet a woman who supersedes all that he could perceive in his dream woman, yet here they are over 3 years later and on a mission to not truly impact the world in a positive way. Whether it’s speaking on stage together at their own events or on other event’s stages, co-leading their ITfactor Mentorship Program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, or hosting their own shows, the essence of it all comes from a deep conviction to help people transform their lives and step into who God truly called them to be.

Wildly enough, Emily met Jake at his very first keynote event where he was speaking on stage next to Mark Victor Hansen (co-authored Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul), Brian Tracy (Personal Development Titan), and Mark Herjavec (Shark on the TV show, Shark Tank). Emily was dropping off products for Jake’s booth at the event after her best friend, Gus, said “you got to meet this guy since he lives in Southern California near you.” Emily has been speaking for over 10+ years and been on LIVE stages alongside people such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyasoki speaking to over 10,000+ people in the audience. So for how God perfectly lines it up, her first impression of Jake was seeing him be in his element on stage and she was able to see how “he was just so powerful on stage yet also led with his heart. You rarely see that nowadays with men and I would never be impressed. But he was different,” says Emily when she shares her story to those who ask.

From there, the rest was history and they have been on a path to bring their gifts of being able to build businesses, inspire the masses through their raw and authentic talks, and transform thousands at a time with their immersive events. “For with man, this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26